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Creating the Complete Package

Are you a parent who wants to ensure your child's success beyond just academics or sports?


Imagine having the tools to guide your child towards their passions while fostering their academic, social, and athletic growth.

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Your Instructor:
Coach K

Coach K has guided youth off the basketball court as well. He has a strong faith and learned a lot in the process of speaking at the St. Bede the Venerable confirmation classes. His undergraduate studies in psychology formed a solid foundation for working with youth both on and off the court and affected his coaching style and his approach to creating an elite program. 

Coach K has found inspiration and guidance in the words of others who have shared their experiences of struggle and growth. His focus is on how you treat people. As a coach, his mantra is, “My players don’t care how much I know until they know how much I care. I believe that the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships, and I believe in developing the elite relationship.” He advises his readers, “Listen, you will read a lot of quotes in here, but that’s my life. You will see a lot of things in here repeated, but it has to, to be consistent. If you see something repeated in multiple places, it is that important. You must consistently restate the same important concepts.” 

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